So how does it work?

VPN = Virtual Private Network. It allows your computer to join a network located elsewhere as if you were physically plugged in to that network. The software is built in to all modern operating systems - all we're doing is configuring it to talk to our servers, which we have tuned to handle the traffic and the bandwidth required to process video. VPN creates a virtual tunnel and verifies that you are allowed to join.  When you join our VPN network, all your requests for pages on the Internet appear to come from our network, in the UK (or US); so sites that would normally block your access no longer do so.

How to get an account

Once you have signed up by following the instructions behind the "Buy Now" button, PayPal will transfer the funds to us and send us a note with your details. We will then set up the new account and send it to you via the e-mail you use for PayPal (or whichever e-mail you entered for a Credit Card/Bank Transfer purchase).

If you have a business e-mail set up, or an academic e-mail, this usually happens within a few hours. For hotmail and similar free e-mail addresses, we wait for PayPal to verify the purchase, and this can take longer. A verified PayPal account really helps speed things up.

We'll automatically renew the account each year until you tell us to stop.

What do I get?

We'll send you instructions to set up the native VPN that is already installed on your computer (Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad). You'll receive a unique username and password as well as a list of the available private servers that we have available. With these details, you can get connected in about 5 minutes.

To view geo-restricted content in the future, you will just start the VPN that you have already configured. Then close it once you've finished.