Why Choose TellyPort VPN?

We have been around, in one form or another, since early 2008. We were the first company to offer reliable VPN to stream video. We have been copied many times, but our service and price means that we have never been beaten. Our team has built up vast experience in dealing with any problems or issues to ensure you get a service that does what it says on the box.

Our server bank is ever-expanding and offers full speed, reliable bandwidth to allow smooth video streaming or fast access to other types of download.

And we do this all for an unbeatable price. Without cutting any corners: unlimited bandwidth, fast enough to stream video, including all the guarantees, with responsive and experienced service from the people who built it.

$65 per year equals $5.42 per month -  that is currently unbeatable.

We provide a guarantee that we will get you connected or we will refund in full.

All our transactions are secured via PayPal, including credit cards and bank transfers. This provides you with a secure method of payment without the risks associated with other forms of on-line payment. It also provides an independent 3rd party to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Other Uses: E.g. 1

In regions or within companies where Internet access is heavily restricted, TellyPortVPN allows you to break free of the restrictions and see the full regular page available as if you were in the UK/US.  And by using an encrypted tunnel, nobody on your network can see what you are viewing.


Some sites monitor you based on your IP address. By changing to one of our addresses, you become effectively anonymous.


You will be able to stream all the main UK TV channels, live to your iPhone over WiFi or  3G network.

E.g. 4 

We designed our servers to handle the traffic associated with video streaming. Our servers provide enough throughput to let you plug in your computer to the TV and kill the cable box - potentially saving you a fortune. Imagine replacing Fox News with the BBC's News at Ten.